Shopping Cart Checklist: Add a Product To Sell


When it comes to adding a product to the shopping cart, the process is about the same for all shopping carts. I recommend you review this checklist and “check off” each item when adding any product to your shopping cart:

1. ____ Assign a product category and/or sub-category.

2. ____ Select the type of product (digital, physical, service, event/registration, membership level, etc.).

3. ____ Add product title.

4. ____ Add short and long product description.

5. ____ Add product price.

6. ____ Upload an image of the product.

7. ____ Customize product recurring billing options to allow for more than one payment when customers purchase products.

8. ____ Charge shipping and handling (yes/no).

9. ____ Collect sales tax (yes/no).

10. ____ Is this product on sale or offering any special discount pricing (yes/no).

11. ____ Add additional tab information and content if your cart builds automatic product pages like WooCommerce does to make more sales. You might add reviews/testimonials, video trailers, etc.

12. ____ Quantity discount if bought in bulk, set a minimum quantity purchase and/or set discount %/$-off.

13. ____ Set inventory limits. (Leave blank=unlimited, or insert a number like 20 units left. “Out Of Stock” message will appear when the count runs down to “0”.)

14. ____ Add product options/features (small, regular, large, and additional pricing for x-large, etc.).

15. ____ Assign an autoresponder to this product.

16. ____ Assign product to an affiliate program. Have a default affiliate program or a specific one for one product.

17. ____ Assign specific affiliate commissions for each product with either 1st and/or 2nd tier affiliate commissions.

18. ____ Active / Inactive product allow you turn sales of products on/off.

What else do you need to know about adding a product to the cart? That will depend on the shopping cart and the features that come with it.

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