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Simple Membership Plugin is a simple and very user-friendly membership plugin for your WordPress website. With Simple Membership Plugin, you can protect your content (such as videos, tutorials, eBooks, eCourses, etc.) behind a membership login and start charging users to access it via PayPal.

If you want to see this plugin in action, check it out over at I’m using it there to protect the book and audio behind a membership wall. Simply pay to have access, login and start consuming the content. This plugin works great for books.

Simple Membership Settings

Simple Membership lets you selectively protect your pages, posts and articles by creating various membership levels, such as Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.).

Simply install the plugin, follow their instructions/documentation and in a few minutes you will have your membership site ready to go. It’s that SIMPLE!

What I like most about Simple Membership is that you can quickly create the standard membership pages, typically associated with membership websites, such as the login page, registration page, member profile page, and other pages.

How the Membership Signup Process Works

Once you have finished setting up your membership site, you can expect the following:

  1. Visitors arrive at your website and notice you have membership protected content either for free or for sale. All they have to do is register and/or pay (and register) to access your content.
  2. The users click on a “Join Us” link which takes them to the “Membership Join Us” Page. You have explained all the different types of memberships you offer on your website.
  3. From the “Membership Join Us” page, the visitors can decide which membership option they want to choose (i.e., Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc).
  4. If they choose the “Free Membership” option, then they just follow the link and sign up for a free membership. Remember, the free
    membership sign up is only possible if you have enabled this option in the settings of this plugin.
  5. If they choose a “Premium Membership” then they make a payment by clicking on the payment button.
  6. Once the Payment is confirmed (at this point the plugin knows which paid membership this member wants), the plugin will create a membership account entry for this visitor.
  7. The user will receive an email that contains a “unique” link. The user will need to click on this link to activate their new membership account.
  8. When the member clicks on that link in the email it will let them choose a “username” and “password” and complete the registration process.
  9. At this point the member can log into your website and enjoy the premium content you have chosen to protect.

In a nutshell, that’s it! Pretty simple, eh?

Simple Membership Add-Ons

There are add-ons that go with Simple Membership, such as After Login RedirectionCustom MessagesForm ShortcodeMailChimp for eMail list building and autoresponders, iDevAffiliate to create your own affiliate program to get help from affiliates to promote your membership website, as well as others that you see here. Most are free, while some you have to pay for. Ones to definitely download and add-on are After Login Redirection and Custom Messages.

Simple Membership Add-Ons


Simple Membership Plugin is a free WordPress membership management plugin. For more information about Simple Membership Plugin, addons, features, and answers to your questions, just click on the button below. You can also learn more about this plugin at their main website.


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