Sony Street Style On-the-Ear Headphones (MDRG45LP) - Black

Sony Street Style On-the-Ear Headphones (MDRG45LP) – Black

I’m a big music lover and I’m always listening to music on my cell phone, because that’s where I moved 3,000+ songs I own so I could listen to them conveniently.

Well, when I plugged in my Sony Street Style On-the-Ear Headphones, what I didn’t know, was how well I love talking on the phone with them. That is, I can listen to the other person on the phone with me in STEREO! What’s also great about these headphones is that I never have to use the speaker phone if I need my hands free to type or do something else and have to put the phone down.

Anyhow, I dig ’em and you just might too. These headphones rest comfortably over the ears and behind the neck. I don’t like the ear buds, or heavy earphones or the kind that make you look like some kind of phone operator. These are sleek, hold well when you’re jogging or working out, you name it!

I also use these to listen to all the audio recordings I do on my computer. I’ll unplug the headphones from my cell phone, and plug them into the headphone jack on my laptop allowing me to listen to the audio I just recorded/mixed. How cool and diverse is that in use? Multi-purpose for sure!


Click on the button below to check out my favorite headphones and get your own. They’re only sold, from what I can find, at Target. Do note, Target doesn’t carry them in the store anymore. They sell them from their website, which you can order them and probably have them delivered to your local Target store for pick up. By the way, buy two sets. One can be used as a backup in the event (one day) something happens to the set you use. Been there, done that. Glad I always have a spare set on hand.


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