Wanna Make Money As A Speaker? Check Out My “Speaker Success” Tactics & You’ll Be Well On Your Way!

In this section, you’re going to learn a lot about the speaking business, speaker success tactics to help you boost your career from the platform, making sales in the back of the room all the way to marketing yourself as a professional speaker and a lot more!

Read through them, absorb them, take all these speaker success tactics in, and to heart, so you can become the most successfully speaker you can be. Every one of these speaker success tactics are designed to make you a better speaker, a more marketable speaker, and make you a lot of money doing that which you love to do, and that’s … speaking!

Seriously, maybe you know, maybe you don’t know! Take the quiz! WHY should you become a speaker? Allow me to count the ways!

  • There’s no better way to reach more people and establish (your) credibility (faster) about what it is you sell in the eyes of new prospects, customers, and future affiliates than by speaking about that which you are most passionate about! It’s that simple. And, why does credibility matter? Credibility is linked to trust! And, trust is linked to people buying from you! Remember, people buy from people they like and trust!
  • When people SEE YOU deliver your message on xyz topic, IN PERSON, they tend to trust you more than if you just sent out a postcard mailer or an eMail offer. Your presence connects with more people right then and there, and “on the spot;” consequently, resulting in more sales almost every time! Another thing, you don’t know who’s in your audience. You might make a number of connections with people who own lists of prospects, clients and affiliates on their own.
  • Those new relationships could help spread the word about what you have to sell even faster, because? You have established trust and credibility in the eyes of that list owner, so that when they go to promote you, selling for you is a snap!
  • Here’s a sample of what I’m talking about … “Hey, I just saw (Your Name) speak on xyz topic and I have to say, I’ve never seen any one speak so well on (topic xyz) like they do or express how important it is to (act on your speaking topic). From the bottom of my heart, I earnestly suggest you check out this person’s product/service/affiliate program. He/she is the real deal! I know, because I met him/her, like him/her and will be doing business with them myself.” See? See how powerful speaking is to gain exposure for what you have to sell? Oh, by the way, that eMail message that audience member sent out went to 50,000 of his closest prospects, clients and affiliates. From one speech, you just gained 50,000 new eyeballs looking at what you have to sell with the sincerest of interest. Not bad.
  • Speak … for the EXPOSURE!

  • Some speakers get paid between $500 and $5,000 to speak … for an hour! Some well-known speakers go on to make upwards of $25,000 per speech and some as high as $250,000 per speech. Yeah! Is there money in speaking? You bet. If you’re good and you’re popular! Real quick, where does the money come from to pay these speakers such high amounts? Typically, from the sales of tickets to the actual events like seminars, workshops, expos, trade shows, etc. Imagine, paying a five (5) main speakers $15,000 each to speak at an annual convention; where the ticket price of admission is $75 per attendee.
  • Let’s say 5,000 people are expected to attend this convention. That equals $375,000 gross revenue from the sale of tickets to the event. Not bad, I think the convention planners can afford the speaking fees for all five (5) speakers, eh? You bet! How many conventions like this happen every year? Thousands, all across the country and the world! Also, some companies have the funds in place to spend on such speakers. After all, in most cases, it’s also a tax deduction for them.
  • The more you speak, the better you get. The more people see you speak, the more people will want you to speak to their groups and companies. Hmm, ever heard of supply and demand? Let’s see, it goes something like this … When a lot of people want you to speak, and demand for your speeches (or presence) is high, the price for your speaking gigs goes up, naturally! Fine, okay …
  • Where do speakers speak to get paid such high dollar amounts? Speakers are always in demand by corporations, for conventions, luncheons, seminars, expos, trade shows, organizations, associations, clubs, special events, birthday parties, celebrations, anniversaries, grand openings, etc.
  • Can you make money speaking for FREE? You bet! Some speakers speak for FREE a lot, and use speaking as a marketing tactic to expose and sell their products, services and/or affiliate programs to people sitting in those audiences all across town, the state, the country, even the world! The more people you speak to, the more audiences who hear what you have to say about whatever it is you sell, the more chances you have of making money from those people just sitting in the seats! Don’t be so anxious to be paid to speak, you can make a lot more money selling to audiences than you can simply collecting a check from the event leader or meeting planner.
  • Typically, at the end of every presentation you make, you will have the opportunity to make a short presentation about the products, services and/or affiliate programs you have to offer. And, if your offer is made with taste and careful craft, many in the audience (who are already convinced you know what you’re talking about) believe you’re the expert in what you spoke on and (for some) are interested in learning more from you. How do they do that? By taking advantage of the special offers you make available (for that presentation only) on products, services and/or affiliate programs you have to offer. There have been speakers who market and sell attendance to their own full training programs, and simply use free speaking opportunities to expose people to it. The more they speak, the more audiences see their offer, the more money they potentially make!
  • Let’s say the full training program they sell costs $2,000 to attend and that speaker makes 3 presentations to 3 different audiences and 30 people decide to signup for the full training. That speaker just made $60,000 (gross income). And, how much time did that speaker have to work to make those 30 sales? Well, consider he or she did have some prep time in writing/rehearsing their presentation (8-10 hours +/-) and the time traveling to the event (1-3 hours) and the time making the presentation (3 speeches x 1 hour = 3 hours) …. Okay, so they put in about 30 hours on the project. That’s still $2,000 per hour that they’re workin’ for. How would you like to make $2,000 per hour? I thought so. Read the next line …
  • Yeah, you definitely should consider speaking … for the MONEY!

  • Many speakers speak just for the “lifestyle” a speaker leads. Speaking for a living sure beats working long hours in a stuffy office somewhere or working at home all the time (all alone). Speaking gets you out of the office or the house and into social settings where people are happily await your arrival to hear your speak!
  • Speakers can get paid to travel across the country they live in, even the world. Wow, what a fun job that sounds like! Sign me up!
  • Speakers tend to work fewer hours than most people and earn twice as much money if not more! Again, sign me up for that …
  • Speakers get to travel all over (the world) and write (most of it) off as a business expense. Speak to your financial planner or a tax specialist in your area on what you can write off, specifically, as a speaker. You’ll be surprised at how much you can. Oh, and while you’re in Phoenix, Arizona, speaking for a few days, why not drive north to see the Grand Canyon while you’re there. Nice! That part won’t be deductible, but the plane tickets that got you to the speaking gig and the hotel you’re staying in might! Or, let’s say you’re in town on a speaking assignment paid for by the company that flew you out to their location and you have a friend from school you haven’t seen in years and they live 20 minutes from where you’ll be speaking. Hmm, do you think it’s okay for them to meet you at the hotel where you’re staying so you two can catch up on old times before the hotel limo takes you back to the airport in five hours? I think so. Ahh, the perks that come with speaking.
  • Authors who speak, get more notoriety for their books than authors who don’t. For example, “I heard you wrote a book. I’ve never heard of it. Do you speak? No? Hmm, I guess that’s why!” Publishers still put the responsibility for marketing the book on the author. What’s the best way to get the word out about promoting your book besides radio, TV, the Internet and affiliate programs? You guessed it, SPEAKING!
  • Speakers are allowed backstage at the events they speak at. Just imagine you’re speaking at an event with a group of speakers and just to get in the door of that event, as an audience attendee, the fee is $2,000. Well, you got in for free, because you’re one of the speakers; so you get to enjoy the whole event for FREE! You probably spoke for an hour or two (perhaps) and probably made a few sales (essentially paying you to attend the event) and you get to go back stage and mingle with the other speakers and special guests associated with that event? Now, that’s cool!
  • And, did we mention the applause? It’s always nice to be liked and told what a fine job you did by so many at once! “And, let’s hear it for our speakers …” 😉
  • Who says there’s no FREE lunch! Speakers CAN get free lunch! When you travel to a speaking gig, sometimes, all your meals are included in the price you charged for you to speak at a particular company, event or location. Or, with the sales you made that day, essentially, the meals are free. They were paid for with monies from other people (who bought your products/services). It’s happened to me and it can happen to you.
  • And, with traveling, comes all the fancy hotels, limos, shuttles, fancy restaurants and hotel ball rooms, etc. Well, maybe not all the time, but you never know. It’s certainly a nice line of work for those who don’t mind a traveling from time to time.
  • Yeah, definitely consider speaking … for the LIFESTYLE!

How do you get started speaking or if you’re already speaking what should you know about speaking and spreading the good word about your topic and making money as a successful speaker.

  • FIRST, find out what you’re most passionate about. What are your interests? What are you an expert in? Did you write a book! Turn that knowledge into a speaking career! What do you know, what have you learned, what new material can you add to your current speaking career to interest more speaking bureaus, agencies, meeting planners to hire you and/or invite you to speak at their events? Always be adding new material to speak on in your talks! That will make you a more attractive speaker to anyone who hires you or invites you to speak before their audience!
  • Observe other speakers and watch what they do, how they deliver their presentations. Borrow what works, yet stay unique to your own personal style of speaking. Study them all, then come up with your own twist and style.
  • Do you get nervous before you speak to any size audience? Check out our report inside MyTrainingCenter.com called Presentation Nervousness? Not Anymore!
  • Read all the books you can on speaking. Subscribe to as many speaker associated newsletters, trade journals, websites, magazines and eZines that you can. Check out these books on speaking.
  • Listen to as many audio training programs as you can on speaking. The more you learn about the speaking business, from different speakers, the better a speaker you’ll become! Check out these speaker training programs you can order on audio.
  • Once you understand the business, and you choose a 1-3 topics you could speak on, start writing out those outlines. Once you have your outlines, practice in front of others. When you’re ready, start promoting yourself to any number of speaker bureaus, clubs, chamber of commerce groups, toastmasters, etc. Perform a search at Google.com for “We Hire Speakers” or “Need Speakers” and see what pops up! You’re bound to find leads for the topic(s) you speak on. Also, be sure to check out speaker link resource section below for links to Speaker Bureaus, Speaker Directories, Speaker Services, etc.

  • In the beginning, you may have to give a few presentations for free just to get some exposure. That’ll get the ball rollin’ … Practice makes perfect! And, the better you get giving your presentations; the more popular you become giving them, the more money you can command from companies willing to pay you to “bring your show” to their audience of employees, clients, members, etc. Someone in your (free speaking) audience will most likely want you to speak for their group or company because they saw how good you are.
  • Now, don’t pass up that offer to get your first paid speaking gig! Take their name and number, follow up, give them your fee schedule and book that speaking gig! Now, you don’t necessarily have to go into fees right then and there; no. Instead, say you’ll talk more about fees when you get back to your office and the two of you can discuss more in detail what it is they want you to talk about. That way, you’re not locked into a certain price, you can also weigh in factors like travel, room and board, meals, etc.
  • Test your fees, start low and raise them as you get busier and your speaking services become more in demand. When starting out, price your fees close to what other speakers in your industry charge. Now, your income as a speaker will increase over time very much in proportion to? Your popularity. That’s right. How many people want to see you speak? How many companies are calling you to speak for their groups? How many invitations are you getting to speak on your topic? How do you increase your own popularity? Speak as often as you can, to as many groups (of any size) as you can and put on the most exciting presentation you’ve got! Give it your all every time! The more your name gets out there; and the more your act, presentation, show, speech gets around from one meeting planner to another … the faster your income will sky-rocket! Because? People want to see you! Well, tell them to get in line. Who’s willing to pay the most for your TIME! Because that’s what it really boils down to. Your time. Your time is valuable; and you can only speak to so many groups within one week, one month, one year. So, ultimately, you’ve got to get paid … for your time AND what you bring to the audience when you speak!
  • Remember, when setting your fees, “the more popular you are (or the more in demand you are), the more money you can command!” Want to make more money? Become famous! Wanna be famous? Do something different? Be controversial? Be unique, be who YOU are, not someone else.
  • You can also speak FREE if you have a lot of products/services/affiliate programs to sell. Some speakers have so much product (or well-priced services or affiliate programs they wish to promote), that they speak for FREE just for the exposure they receive for their products, services and affiliate programs. Some speakers make as much as $50,000 per seminar just from selling products and services alone. That doesn’t include any new consulting work they also might receive from any number of audience attendees. Some speakers tell meeting planners, “I’ll speak for free if you can guarantee me ‘X’ number of people in your audience.” This number can be as small as 25 people and as high as 2,500! It all depends on what you sell, how many products or services you need to sell to make the kind of money you want, etc. If you’re a beginner, you might start speaking to small groups of 25-50, until you’re presentation is polished enough to speak to larger groups. Caution, know your stuff, before you speak in front of a large group.
  • How will you get paid to speak? You can accept payments via credit card, PayPal.com and check.
  • Always ask for 1/2 down (payment) of your full speaking fee up front, and be sure that includes any necessary travel expenses you might incur to the event you’re speaking at. This includes travel, hotel, car rental, etc. Whatever is necessary to get you to the speaking event and stay there, those are your travel fees and they should be included in the total price of your speaking fee.
  • Request the second 1/2 of your payment to be ready upon arrival. Before you walk up on stage, or right after you step off stage speaking, someone from the company should be standing there with a check in hand. Well, maybe not literally, you know, standing right there. But, just don’t let them say to you, “the second check is in the mail!” No, you’re going to stay on top of that second payment and have it ready for you to pickup when you arrive at the speaking gig.
  • When collecting fees from companies, make sure you invoice them or have a speaking contract ready for them to review, fill out, agree to, sign and fax back to you so everything is documented and you have a written record of the transaction. Describe in this invoice/contract what you will be speaking on, what help and assistance you require at their end, does the fee include travel expenses or will you cover that yourself, the total fee you’ll be charging, how much down, how much to be paid after your speech is given, etc. Document, document, document everything in writing.

  • When promoting your speeches, presentations, speaking topics and your speaking business you need to provide a variety of materials (in different, available formats; i.e., online, offline, in print, in video, in audio, etc.) to help display, showcase and inform speaker bureaus, meeting planners and other companies who hire speakers about that which you speak about so they can check you out and hire you! How else will they know that you speak and what you speak on!
  • First, build a web page on your website that showcases your speaking business. You might call it /speaking or /speaker or /speaker-services. Then, be sure to include the following on this page:
    • Speaking Topics — List all the topics you speak on, a sample text description, a sample audio recording of you giving that speech and video (per speaking topic) if you have any. Companies who hire speakers need to be able to know specifically what you speak about. Don’t generalize and say you’ll speak on anything; be as specific as you can. “Name that topic!”
    • Speaking Samples — If you have audio and video samples of you speaking at different events, that’s great! Learn how to upload audio and your video to your website.
    • Custom Video Presentation — You should also investigate and invest in getting a custom video presentation made of you and your speaking (for promotional purposes). You can see a great example of this at my friend’s website, InterviewTactics.com. Gayl hired a professional video editor to piece together a number of video clips of her speaking at various events. Throw in some music, an introduction and a closing statement or two on how companies can reach you and you’re set. Upload that video to your website and show it off! These promotional videos are usually about 3-5 minutes long and can be placed on DVD’s and passed out to those who book speakers for their companies. It’s all about marketing, remember.
    • Head Shot & Photographs — It’s a good idea to post high-quality images on your website so that companies who wish to hire you to speak for them can have quick access to images of you for use in their publications in print and on their website. Hey, if you’re their next speaker and they want to drum up interest for you among their audience of clients, members, etc., provide them a photograph or two of yourself so they can show people what you look like from their website, inside their eZine, newsletter, etc. Take a variety of photographs of yourself, include a professional head shot, dressed in professional attire.
    • Short & Long Bio — Have prepared a short bio of yourself which you can give to the company who hires you. They may want to add your bio to their website, program literature, eZine, newsletter, etc. so they can again promote who you are to those who will be seeing you speak!
    • Fees — If you are confident in your fee structure, and you want to advertise what you charge so companies know ahead of time what you charge for your speaking then go ahead and post them on your website. If you don’t want to post your fees, you can always say something like, “For fee schedule, please inquiry within.” Or, “Please ask us about our fee schedule for the topics listed on our website.” Or something similar. You can also look at other speaker’s websites and get ideas on wording as well. If you are going to post your fees, mention how much you charge for a simple 15-20 minute speech/training/presentation, a 45 minute speech/…/…, a half (1/2) day speech/…/…, a full day speech/…/…, etc. Be sure to mention, these fees do not include your travel fees (which might include gas, travel time, airline tickets, hotel accommodations, meals, etc.). Yes, as a speaker, you will charge for all those. Why? Because companies usually know to include these fees in their budget when hiring speakers.

  • Spend 25% of your day marketing your speaking skills and services. Look for new speaker directories, speaker bureaus, and companies who promote and hire speakers. Perform a search at at Google.com for “We Hire Speakers” or “Need Speakers” and see what pops up! You’re bound to find leads for the topic(s) you speak on. Also, be sure to check out our speaker link resource section below for links to Speaker Bureaus, Speaker Directories, Speaker Services, etc.
  • Write for as many speaker associated newsletters, trade journals, websites, magazines and eZines that you can. And, always ask someone in charge at these organizations, “Who hires speakers to come and speak at your company? Can you connect me with that person?” And, then tell them what you speak on and why it would be a good fit with their audience!
  • Network every chance you get with all kinds of people both online and offline. Let people know you’re a speaker and that you’ll pay them a (up to a) 20% referral fee if they can find you speaking gigs at their company, school, club, organization, etc.
  • Create several mini-presentation segments for distribution on YouTube as teasers (from one or more of your recorded seminars) to promote the full-blown presentation which you have for sale at your website or people can book you for speaking at their next event.
  • People who buy your products and services are the kind of people to sell your seminars, tele-seminars and workshops to! They’ve read your books, they’ve listened to your audio products; now they want to SEE YOU LIVE and IN ACTION! They might even want to get your autograph (on one of your books). So, practice signing your name a few times. You don’t want to misspell it when the time comes and you’re on the spot!
  • When you get called and asked if you’d like to speak somewhere, before you tell them you’re available, ask the following questions:
    • “Who did you have speak at your event last year?” This gives you an idea of the caliber of speaker(s) and potential fees asked at that time.
    • “What’s your speaker budget? (AND ZIP DE LIPS! Let them share …) For how many speakers? 1, 2 or 3?” You might be able to suggest, “If you book me for two presentations, I’ll only charge you 1/2 for the second presentation, saving you 1/2 on speaker fees (i.e., the second speech) and 100% on travel fees (i.e., you’re already there). Do the work for two speakers and get paid more!!! If they ask you to speak for free, say, “No, my fee is $_, but I’ll help you make some money!”
  • Sell tickets to the presentation you’re giving to their existing client/customer/member database, friends, family and associates. Surely, if they have an audience coming to the event, they can sell tickets to see you. And, why not?
  • Have the event planner get publicity for the event. If they have the connections, all you have to do is offer to show up early to help promote the event. Your celebrity/expert status will be attractive to listeners and viewers receiving the publicity.
  • Split the sale of tickets 50/50 and perhaps offer a % for the sale of products in the back of the room. Remember, they’re doing the marketing for you to their own list of clients, members and associates. Help them raise money and they’ll have you back again and again.
  • At the end of your show, while commenting to the audience, you might say something like, “I’d love to comment on that, but we’re out of time, would you like to have me back?” or “We’re out of time, but the rest of the material you’re looking for can be found in some of the products in the back.” Also, you can mention, “Today’s seminar was recorded, if you’d like to purchase it, it is available. Just see me afterwards for an order form.”
  • Talk to the people who run seminars and workshops in your town. Ask if you can speak with them and their group on their stage about a topic you know very well.
  • Ask your associates in the business if they’d like to co-promote a seminar together. Gather 2 or more of your friends in the business (from different topics of expertise) and conduct your own seminars.
  • Advertise for free in your local paper or other publications (online/offline) that circulate amidst your target market. Many times, these publications have an area in their paper dedicated to announcements and current events taking place around town. Check it out!
  • Talk to community centers, books stores and every local club in your area to see if they hire or invite speakers to come in and speak. You never know what one speech could lead to!
    It’s the little things (you do) that make you BIG! Not, the big things.

  • There are so many ways to charge others (who pay speakers) for you to speak for them. You can charge by the hour, the 1/2 day, the full day, multiple days, by the project, by topic, by the size of the audience, etc.
  • Who is your ideal speaking client? Where do they congregate in large groups? Do you like to speak to corporations and their employees? Do you like to speak to entrepreneurs and those seeking to start their own business? Whoever is your target market, first go to those seminars already happening in your area. Mingle with those who are attending the seminar and those hosting the seminar. Tell them all that you speak and you’re always looking for speaking jobs that pay. Because! You like to share what you make with those who make the referral. You might say something like this, “Help me find speaking gigs, and I’ll put cash in your pocket! How much? That depends on the speaking gig. But, usually a $100 …”
  • Your best prospects can be found in every audience you speak to. They’re already there to see you and hear what you have to say. They might want to come to another one of your own seminars or workshops, or hire you to come and speak to their group, association, club, company, etc.
  • “Just hearing you once is NOT enough!” People want to take you home with them. They want more of you after hearing you. Always have products (and order forms) available in the back of the room on a table, nicely displayed with price tags (on all your products) to sell. You need to make it easy for people to buy from you. Come prepared with products and order forms. By the way, this selling process is called B.O.R. = Back Of The Room sales.
  • People can’t remember everything you said, so record your seminars every time you can for instant product and instant cash! People only remember about 10-20% of what you say anyway! Also, people can’t always make it to your seminar, or they tune out for a few moments and forget the most important part you just said … Showcase other products you sell on an order form that looks like a catalog.They simply check off what they want to buy and hand you the cash, check or credit card to pay for the items they want.
  • When speaking to schools and corporations, you can make money selling your products as “educational materials” (i.e., products which are sold in addition to your speaking fee or ticket sales made at the event; which are, of course, “mandatory” for class). You could also make money selling product with sales made “in-advance” (i.e., the ticket price includes (or your speaking fee includes one or more of your products, like a book, included in your speaking fee). You can make money making “catalog or order form sales” at seminars (i.e., you might even be gracious enough and offer to split the sales 50/50 with your host/meeting planner/charity/school/company or whoever hired hired you).
  • Work deals with other speakers and bundle your products with them. Work deals with other speakers and speak with them on their stage at their seminars all around the world!
    Insert your catalog order form in with all your product orders so people can order more next time! Hand out order forms before you speak. If/when people get bored, they can look at your order form and see what products you have for sale!
  • Hold up your products while you speak about them. Do this casually and without effort. Make it natural and a part of your presentation. Refer to your products and materials for sale with an interesting story. Disguise your sales pitch behind stories every time! “A client of mine bought one of my books and said they couldn’t believe how it helped them _______.” Or, “This book (that you hold in your hand) has the following ______ inside, designed to help you _____. This is available in the back.”
  • People love buying in sets. Make them a deal! Buy two, get one free! Bundle as many of your products as you can in sets! People like getting more value for what they spend. So, what normally might cost $60 (for 3 books), sell all three of them for $40. Think this way too, “MOVE PRODUCT!” Don’t let it sit there on the table. Move it! Bundle products, make deals, etc.
  • Create products as premiums and offer discounts on large, bulk orders or sets of your product!
  • Create a number of products to sell at the back of the room: Books, workbooks, audio programs, video libraries on your website, clothing, transcripts of your talks in print form (and online) , audio books, eBooks, special reports, home-study courses packed in 3-ring binders with audio available online, etc. The more product you have at different price-levels, the more money you’ll make. No product, no sales, no money.
  • When developing your products, see the finish product in mind. Then, work backwards, what steps do you need to take to finish your product? What materials, what resources, what kind of content will be inside this product? What kind of software do you need, if any. Write it all down. Then, go after it!
  • NEVER LET IDEAS ESCAPE YOU! Write them down. Carry around a little notebook with you EVERYWHERE! Keep one by your bedside as well. Keep pens and paper all over the house. You never know when you’ll get an great idea for a speech title, a new line in your speech, a new topic to research for your speech, … who knows! Just keep pens and paper everywhere in your house; the kitchen, bathroom, living room, family room, bedroom, garage, back yard, front yard, in the car, in your purse, briefcase, bag, etc.
  • Arrange your products like a display on your table in the back of the room. Write the prices for each product down on small square pieces of paper (you can cut out from a single sheet of paper). Write in clear, large numbers … $5, $10, $20, $30, $47, etc. Also, use whole dollar amounts (without cents). Don’t write $19.95 or $39.95. You could, but, at the seminar, make it easy on people to calculate the price … If you need a calculator and you forget yours, you’re in trouble.
  • Speaker / Trade Show Product Table ExampleOffer a gift with a purchase. Throw in something special. Don’t sell too many lower priced products. Instead, offer the lower priced products only as gifts when your customer buy products in “sets” (i.e., at a higher combined price; for you).
  • Duplicate and make as many products as you can! Make a new product every day, week, month! Always be producing products. See our 101 Product Ideas report for “ideas!”
  • Sell your AFFILIATE PROGRAM to your audience as well, not just products and services. Not everyone is in the mood to buy sometimes; but, on the contrary, almost everyone is interested in making extra money. So, mention you have an affiliate program that pays cash whenever you refer your friends and family to buy what you have for sale. You might even make a flyer that talks about your affiliate program. Hand that flyer out along with other flyers you make about other products and services you have for sale.
  • Sell other people’s products at the back of the room at your table for extra cash too. Bring other people’s products with you and ask if you can sell them for a commission. Hey, you’re workin’ it, sellin’ their products, they owe you something! That’s money for them, they gotta share some of it!
  • Trade your products with others and have them sell your products at their speaker events too. Leave product with your friends and have them leave some with you. Whenever either of you are at your own seminar speaking, you have each other’s products there to sell. Then, after the day is done and you sold some of their product (as they will yours at the seminars they speak at), send them a check for the money you owe them (for selling their products) minus a small commission for yourself. And, ask them to do the same. It should be everyone’s duty to help each other make as much money as possible. Don’t just put all the burden onto yourself to sell; get others to help you too as you will help them in return!
  • Refer speakers you know to the same host, meeting planner or seminar leader/coordinator you just spoke for. And, in return for your making that referral (and referring them a speaking opportunity), if that speaking gigs goes through, that they will pay you a small commission for referring them the business. It’s alright to refer your friends speaking jobs where you just spoke, because you’re going to ask them to do the same. And, meeting planners, seminar leaders and event coordinators love personal referrals from speakers, because you wouldn’t recommend any one that didn’t do as great a job as you did for them! Imagine, if you’re all working to refer each other speaking gigs and collecting commissions every time each of you makes a referral to a paying speaking gig, you’re all making even more money! How cool! How many speaker friends can you get in on this so you have more referrals and referral checks coming in than you know what to do with?
  • Go where the money is! Go where the business calls you and pays you! You may decide to start out doing presentations outside of your local area. Have you ever heard of the expression, “profits from afar?” Well, that means, you will most likely make more of your money speaking to groups of people who have never heard of you before! Drive outside your county, “travel afar!” People who don’t know you tend to find it easier to consider you an expert, because they don’t know you. They’re not your family members or friends you grew up with, etc. Then, when your “out of town” speaking business grows, those “in town” will begin to hear how “successful” you are and demand you come speak for them too! Funny, how that works, but that’s just the way it is sometimes. Besides there are more prospects for you “outside” your home town then “inside” your hometown. So, remember that too.
  • Your audience wants to take you home with them! Create products you can sell at the back of the room. Again, books, audio CD’s, DVD’s, etc.
  • Bring a cash box (with change, $1’s, $5’s, $10’s, $20’s). If you can find one with a lock, that’s smart.
  • Bring a credit card reader provided to you by Stripe, Paypal or other app. This helps you take credit card payments on the spot. People do like to pay with credit cards, especially, for large purchases.
  • Bring a calculator with you. You never know when you’ll need it.
  • Bring sales receipts with you. Someone may want a sales receipt for tax purposes. You can get these in bundles of like 20-50 at any office supply store. Just ask the clerk at the front to help you find them in the store. They cost about $3-5 per pack, depending on the store and how many you get.
  • Enlist 1-3 helpers to run your table. They can be friends, family, students, employees of the meeting planner or someone from the audience. Sometimes, you can work out an exchange of product for their helping you.
  • Have a prize drawing; place a large bowl or box so people can place their business cards in the bowl. Draw 1-3 winners at the end of the show and voila! You’ve just increased your client database list from those new business cards.
  • Have a regular “sign-up” list where folks can write their names and eMail addresses to be contacted with new and useful information or a free report. Hand this paper out when you first start speaking so people can sign it while they listen to you speak. When they’re done signing it, they can either hand it to you or to one of your assistants. But, at least you have it, it’s all filled out; all before you finished your talk.
  • As a speaking consultant, “fire” clients that take up your time and money. Move on to those who respect your time and pay you what you’re worth. Also, decline (graciously) those speaking clients who want you to keep speaking for free! You know what they’re getting out of it, but what are you? Always, your time is money. If you’re not making money, you need to be marketing so you can make money, not speaking (wasting your time) not making any money.
  • Always, be marketing … 25% of your week should be dedicated to getting new speaking jobs.

  • Have a speaker survey form ready to hand out to your audience. Tell them you’d like to know how you did, it’s a short form and won’t take but a few minutes.
  • Include an area on this form to collect a testimonial about your speaking at the event.
  • Get a testimonial from thehost, meeting planner or seminar leader/coordinator too.
  • Speaker testimonials are designed to help build your credibility as a speaker. When you have rave review after review commenting on how well you spoke at your last speaking gig and the one before that; this just makes it easier for others to hire you as a speaker.
  • If you have your phone with you, record either video and/or audio from those who attended your presentation. Get their feedback on record and use it on your website. Have them say something from the heart; something that expresses their true feelings. Get it in audio and place it up on your website.
  • Get as many video testimonials as you can and show the world how great your presentation/seminar was.
  • Post all these testimonials up on your website and social media for all the world to see. Testimonials like these also help sell your products and admissions to your own seminars, in addition to helping you get hired by those companies who pay speakers as well.

  • Make your presentation unique on the inside and on the outside. Be different. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Stand out.
  • During a lunch break if you’re not spending time with members of your audience or helping your staff with the table, etc., consider “disappearing” during this time to “take care of you!” Tend to your needs during this time: use the restroom, freshin’ up, get more change for the cash box, get more product from your car, make a quick phone call home to say “hi” to loved ones (tell them everything’s going just great), etc.
  • Put on the chairs of your audience a “Suggested Reading List”. Surprise and educate your audience with little things like this that teach and train them. Help save them time and they’ll always remember you.
  • If you’re not in-demand, you might not be marketing yourself ENOUGH! Get out there, and STAY OUT THERE! If nobody’s heard of you, how can they book you for their seminars and events? Get out there! Speak as often as you can, for free for as long as you can until you’re so popular that you’re so booked; that people have to start paying you …
  • And, if you’re not making enough money as as “paid” speaker, be working on “products” and services” and your affiliate program to sell to audiences of all kinds, both paid-speaking gigs and free-speaking gigs.

Whew, that was a lot on speaking success tactics for speaking like a pro, eh? You bet! Listen, you’ve got your work cut out for you now. Go get ’em and show ’em you’re the best speaker in the land with what you have to speak on … Go get ’em!

Here are a number of link resources you can search through to find what you’re looking for. All of these links lead to valuable resources for you, a speaker, destined for great speaking days ahead! So, think about creating a mini-business plan just to document how you will kick-start your speaking career from here to the sky.




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