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Create Your Own Podcast Now

If you want to create your own podcast, this step-by-step formula will help you do just that.

Learn How To Get “Author Interviews” For The Book You Just Wrote

So, you just wrote a new book and you’re excited to share it with the world. Well, one of the best ways to do that is to get interviewed by people who have their own podcast/radio/TV show, website, forum, blog, newsletter/eZine and an audience just ready to consume what you’ve just written. Getting your book […]

Avoid These 25 Hidden Profit Killers For Any Business

While most good business owners achieve the mild goal of making a profit by providing a good service and controlling costs, once profit is attained, all business owners must keep their hard-earned profits from being eroded by:

60+ Ways To Make Money With Your Website

Need ideas on how you can make money with your website? Here are 60+ money-making ideas for your website and/or blog. Which ones can you implement today?

10 Ways To Create Original Content, Which You Can Sell Online For Pure Profit

Before I share my top 10 ways to create original content, I recommend that you want read the following caption taken from The End of Work that I recently read.

101 Product Ideas To Turn Your Knowledge Into Potential Income

Wow, if you ever needed ideas for creating information products which you can sell to make extra money, here’s a great list to refer to!

The Ideal Business (To Own/Run) … Do You Know What It Is?

With all the businesses opportunities available to you today, what do you think the “IDEAL BUSINESS” to own is? Before you answer that question, see how your answer compares with what I believe is the “ideal business!”

10 Point “On-Page” Search Engine Optimization (Seo) Checklist For Every Website & Web Page You Create

About Bart Bart’s Books BartsCookies.comAbout Bart SmithBart Smith is the author of several books, professional marketer and self-publishing consultant, a personal coach, and a dynamite, motivational speaker. A self-starting, life-affirming, renaissance man, Bart is an entrepreneur at heart, who also bakes the world’s best chocolate chip cookies at BartsCookies.com. He shares his insights, skills, training […]