The Sales/Marketing "Funnel System" For Making Money Online

What is the “Funnel System” exactly?

In simple terms, the “Funnel System” is a simple selling and marketing system that helps you make more money by:

  1. Attracting as many leads as possible (i.e., much like building a list of prospects) using a variety of different methods that best suit your skills by giving away free information!
  2. Then, selling all your inexpensive products and services to those new prospects to further build trust. Don’t waste time selling high-priced products/services without rapport.
  3. Finally, upselling your more expensive products and services throughout your customers’ lifetime ensuring income to you for … a lifetime!

How does the sales and marketing “Funnel System” work?

sales-funnel-smFirst, picture a funnel, it has a wide opening at the top, and a small, narrow opening at the bottom, right? (SEE LEFT-SIDE ILLUSTRATION)

TOP … At the top, you will want to fill your funnel with as many qualified leads as possible by giving away FREE information from your web site and when you’re out in public doing business. Don’t try to sell anything to your prospects up front. Gain their trust first, by giving away something for free.

MIDDLE … In the middle of your funnel, you will want to sell “LOW TO MEDIUM” priced products and services to your new prospects. (Price Range = $5 to $500)

BOTTOM … Then, at the bottom of your funnel, you will upsell your HIGHEST priced products and services to your customers. (Price Range = $500 to 5,000+)

As your prospects move down your funnel, becoming customers, the products and services you sell them get priced higher and higher. The idea is to keep people flowing down your funnel from top to bottom.

Again, offer something for FREE to everyone you come in contact with or who visits your web site. Below you will see samples of what you could give away for free. When people sign up to receive your free giveaways, get their names and eMail addresses in exchange so you can contact them again.

Once you have them on your list, it’s wise to sell them low to medium priced products and services; as shown below. As I always say, “Prospects will only buy from you after they trust you. And, in order for them to trust you, they must try something (for free) from you.”

Once customers trust you, and buy one (or more) products/services from you, upsell them to higher priced products and services; sample ideas are provided below.

How do you make money with the “Funnel System?”

Below is an illustration of how the “Funnel System” really works when selling information products, services, seminars and a lot more. Study it carefully. Can you offer similar items for FREE? Can you sell similar items for low to medium cost? How about selling higher priced items? Spend time creating a wide variety of information products, coaching services and seminar/tele-seminar/webinar training programs.

Create your own money-making “Funnel System?”

Now, your funnel may look entirely different. Take your time in creating your own money-making “Funnel System!” Start by listing all the freebies you can create and give away to prospects. Then, list all of the products you can sell at low to medium cost. Then, list all the higher priced products and services you’d like to sell to your current customers.

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