THE ULTIMATE Self-Publishing Manual by Bart Smith (Virtual Book Tour)
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THE ULTIMATE Self-Publishing Manual by Bart Smith (Virtual Book Tour)

Want to write a book? If the whole idea of writing a book baffles you, well, be baffled no more. My self-publishing manual walks you through every step of the process from the idea, to writing it, how to write it, how to get your book edited, how to design the front/back/spine covers (with examples), how to lay out the interior pages (with examples), how to set up and submit your book files to the printer (, how to record your book, how to convert your book to a Kindle eBook, how to turn your book into an offline/online course, and how to market it. WOW, if that doesn’t take the guesswork out of how to self-publish a book I don’t know what does.

Take a peek inside THE ULTIMATE: SELF-PUBLISHING MANUAL and what you’ll be getting if you order the (8.5″ x 11″, 280 pages) manual size print (paperback) version or if you join MTC and become a member and access the online course. Either way, I want to show you what you’ll be getting access to. Take a look and get ready to be blown away!



About Bart Smith

BART SMITH is the founder of (MTC). He's also your instructor for all the courses you see at MTC. He's the author of 18+ books, records his own audio books, builds his own websites, films/edits his own videos for branding and marketing, conducts his own marketing activities, scores his own media interviews, ... and so much more. "I built MTC for you to share with you all I know about the subjects covered in the courses and tutorials I teach. My hope is that you learn so much that you get empowered, motivated, and you're able to take immediate action on your ideas and projects so you can literally do MORE on your own saving you time and money just like I do. Sure, you can hire others to help you at some point, but until then I don't want you stuck not knowing how to do certain things. As I say, the more you learn, the more you can potentially earn. Pretty simple." — Bart Smith, MTC Founder/Instructor

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