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What can I say about ThemeForest’s collection of over 4,300 premium WordPress themes for sale? NOT ENOUGH! So, let’s start with the basics. ThemeForest is an Envato Marketplace, which sells website themes for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, HTML, as well as other content management systems.

Their WordPress themes, in particular, are some of the best WordPress themes I’ve ever seen available on the market today. Basically, ThemeForest is a marketplace where individual WordPress designers (from all over the world) come to showcase and sell their WordPress themes to the public. All their themes are sold individually, ranging from $25 and $65 on average.

To get started looking for the perfect WordPress theme, simply perform a search for WordPress themes, and start shopping. Make note of the themes you like. No doubt, there will be some you won’t like, some that won’t serve your needs, and some that will. Spend a good hour looking through their themes. Eventually, you’ll find the perfect one for your website.

Search Results For "WordPress Themes"

When you find a theme you like, and you want to buy it, ThemeForest will ask you to fund your account with enough money to afford the theme you wish to buy. Will you have a few dollars left in your account after your purchase? Most likely, yes. That’s okay though, because if you’re like me, you’ll be back to purchase another theme for another website or some cool plugin to enhance your WordPress’ website functionality.

Go To The DOWNLOADS Area & Download Your Purchased WordPress Theme

After you purchase your theme, proceed to the Downloads area within your personal account. Find the theme your purchased and want to download. What you’ll be downloading are the WordPress installation ZIP files.

Download Your Purchased WordPress Theme

Once you download the WordPress theme file(s) to your computer, proceed to install your new theme into your WordPress website like you would any other WordPress theme. You can learn how I do this by watching my WordPress Video Tutorials on installing WordPress themes or attending one of my live training webinars.


Click on the button below to view the more than 4,300+ WordPress themes available at They really do have some very nice themes.


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