Here are a number of FREE TUTORIALS covering a variety of topics, such as, audio recording/editing/mixing, desktop publishing, text editing, HTML/CSS editing, WordPress, website design, domain name registration/management and much more!


Bart Smith Teaches How To Build & Maintain A WordPress Website

BY Bart Smith
In this course, you're going to learn a lot about WordPress. When done, I know you'll be so empowered to be able to build/maintain your own WordPress website with sheer confidence. Once you know how to build/maintain websites with WordPress, whenever you get a great idea and you need a website, all you have to do is install WordPress, build your site and you're on your way to success.
Bart Smith Teaches Adobe InDesign CS6

Bart Smith Teaches Adobe InDesign CS6

BY Bart Smith
In this tutorial series, I'm going to teach you everything I know about Adobe InDesign. I'll provide you with some of my personal book template files for InDesign and show you how I go about designing the interior pages of my books and other documents, such as flyers, order forms, posters, postcards and more.
Adobe Fireworks CS6 Video Tutorials

Bart Smith Teaches Adobe Fireworks CS6 Video Tutorials

BY Bart Smith
Adobe Fireworks is my go-to program for graphic design, image editing and everything else related to editing and manipulating graphics and images. I use it to design my book covers, website banners and buttons, and also to edit images of all kinds. Not many people know about Fireworks or how to use it. Well, not to worry. I'm going to teach you everything you need to know about Fireworks. One client of mine told me I saved him 100 years working in Fireworks as opposed to Photoshop. That's how powerful and versatile Fireworks is compared to Photoshop.

Bart Smith Teaches Adobe Photoshop CS3 Video Tutorials

BY Bart Smith
I don't use Adobe Photoshop for much, except to check the size and resolution of images before I send them to a professional printer (i.e., for books, posters, postcards, etc.). That's about it. I do use it to enhance colors when I need to. Otherwise, I use Adobe Fireworks for 99% of my graphic design needs. Still, here's what I use Photoshop for.
CPanel Video Tutorials by Bart Smith

Bart Smith Teaches cPanel & Website Hosting

BY Bart Smith
If you have a website, chances are you have have a cPanel associated with that website hosting account. Well, did you know? cPanel is where you set up your eMail? You can also add-on extra website domain names to your account (to save money). I like to use cPanel to edit, move, copy and manage files and folders on the server (using File Manager) in addition to installing WordPress, creating databases (using MySQL Databases), creating/uploading backups of databases and eMail, and editing those databases via PHPMyAdmin. C'mon, let me show you all this. Once you learn what I know about cPanel, you'll feel so free and confident to manage your own website when you need to like I do.
Change DNS or Name Servers

Bart Smith Teaches Nameservers Video Tutorials

BY Bart Smith
Every now and then, if you move your website around or register a new domain name to host somewhere, you'll be asked to change (or update) the name servers to point to where you're going to host your website. Well, here's how you do just that. Literally, it takes just a few minutes and you're done. This is a vital skill you should learn, believe me.
TextPad Video Tutorials

Bart Smith Teaches TextPad Video Tutorials

BY Bart Smith
TextPad is a robust text editing program, much like NotePad, but with more features, functions, and tools for editing all kinds of text-based files like PHP, HTML, CSS, etc. Whether you simply need a powerful replacement for Notepad, a tool for editing web pages, or complex code, TextPad does what you want, the way you would expect a high-end text editor to do. Here’s a list of tasks which I use TextPad for, virtually every day of my life, it seems.
HTML Video Tutorials

Bart Smith Teaches HTML Tutorial

BY Bart Smith
Do you need to learn HTML? YES, YOU DO! Not to worry, you only have to learn a few things about it and that's it. C'mon, let me show you the basics of what you need to know. You'll then be able to use these HTML codes practically anywhere you go online, where WordPress and website design is concerned. I even use HTML to customize my Amazon descriptions for my books. Yes, it comes in that handy!
Inspect Element (HTML, CSS & PHP) Video Tutorials

Bart Smith Teaches Inspect (Website Code) Video Tutorials

BY Bart Smith
If you want to customize the CSS on your WordPress (or other) website like I do, then you'll want to learn how to use this built-in developer tool in virtually any browser. Simply, I can inspect almost any part of a website and not only learn what (something) is, but I can also manipulate it to see if I like a proposed change (to the CSS) that I might make. C'mon, it's easier than all that sounds.
CSS Video Tutorials

Bart Smith Teaches CSS Tutorial

BY Bart Smith
If you want to customize certain fonts, words, lines, paragraphs, padding, margins, colors, line height, letter spacing and more on your WordPress website, then this is the tutorial for you. I'm going to show you how I go about customizing the CSS for my websites so you can take note, learn a few tricks and do it yourself like I do and FAST!!! Just a few lessons will set you free and on your way to making your website(s) look far better than if you just built it right out of the box with no CSS customization.
GoDaddy Video Tutorials

Bart Smith Teaches GoDaddy.com Video Tutorials

BY Bart Smith
If you register your domain names at GoDaddy.com, then you might like to watch these video tutorials on how to best use your account and to become more familiar with it as well. It's a terrible thing to not know how to find one of your domains or how to maintain your domains so you don't LOSE THEM!

Bart Smith Teaches How To Get Paid With The VENMO App

BY Bart Smith
Do you have VENMO? It's a free phone app that lets you pay friends and family using money you have in Venmo or in your bank account via debit card. Venmo works like the CASH app and is just an alternative payment method to have available to you when you need to send/receive money to/from people. I have VENMO and Cash app for when people want to pay me with either.
Cash.Me Mobile App

Bart Smith Teaches How To Get Paid With The CASH.ME Mobile App

BY Bart Smith
Do you have the CASH app? Millions of people do and you should too. It links to your bank account and allows you to send/receive money to/from people instantly and deposit those monies right into your bank account instantly (for a 1% fee) or within a few days for no charge. My clients use it to pay me and I use it to send money to my Mom. Really, I do! Let me show you how to get it installed on your phone, add your bank account and then send/request money from people.
Payment Link Videos

Bart Smith Teaches Create & Send Payment Links

BY Bart Smith
Does someone owe you money? How about a client? For years, I've created and send people what I call "payment links" to help them pay me. Simply, it's a link connected to my shopping cart (or other payment option) that lets people pay you on their own time so you don't have to bug them to pay you. Here, I'll show you what I mean, and when I do, you'll be sending payment links to people who owe you money too.
Check Postage Rates Online

Bart Smith Teaches How To Check USPS Postage Rates Online

BY Bart Smith
When you need to know how much something will cost to ship, whether it's locally, across the country or the world, here's where I go to find out the answer to those curiosities. It helps to know how much it cost to ship something so you know how much to charge a client or which shipping method is best for what you're shipping, etc.
Upload Your Videos To YouTube

Bart Smith Teaches YouTube.com Video Tutorials

BY Bart Smith
Do you use video to promote what you do online? Are you using YouTube to broadcast those videos? If not, then you're in store for a treat! I'm going to show you how I use YouTube and video to increase brand awareness, find new leads/prospects, create fans and make sales ... using YouTube!

Bart Smith Teaches How To Install Fonts On Your Computer

BY Bart Smith
How do you install new fonts on your computer? Do you know how? Do you know how to find fonts on the web and install them on your computer? Do you know how to send a font to a friend or a printer if they ask you for it? All those questions (and others) will be answered in this set of tutorials. C'mon, let's check 'em out!
Windows 10 Video Tutorials

Bart Smith Teaches Windows 10 (Operating System) For PC’s

BY Bart Smith
For most of us who have a PC (personal computer and not a Mac), Windows 10 is our default operating system. Well, there are a few things you need to know in order to be able to maintain your computer and to troubleshoot things when you need to without calling a computer tech and wasting hours on the phone or spending any unnecessary monies at the computer repair store when you can really could just do a few of these things yourself.

Bart Smith Teaches Windows Explorer Video Tutorials

BY Bart Smith
It's vital you learn how to use Windows Explorer on your PC computer so you know where to find, edit, rename, move, copy and delete all kinds of files and folders. If you don't know about this system tool, then these lessons are for you. A must-learn if you've never used Windows Explorer before. Trust me! Plus? It won't take you long to master these basic skills either. So, you have no excuse!