GMail & Google Doc Video Tutorials

GMail & Google App Video Tutorials

Do you use GMail? Would you like to learn more about using GMail so you can really maximize all it has to offer? Well, check out these GMail video tutorials along with the many Google Apps that come with your GMail account.

GMail Video Tutorials

I’ve been using GMail for years, and have found it to be a rock solid way to check my eMail anywhere I go, store, file and label incoming mail to help me organize my eMail, in addition to quarantining spam in ways my previous eMail programs never could. If you don’t have a GMail account yet, why not? If you do, check out these video tutorials on how to use it, maximize it and live a more stress-free (eMail) life with GMail. Sure, there are other programs out there, but if you use Yahoo or Hotmail (DUMP THOSE) and get a GMail account.

Google Docs Video Tutorials

Google Docs can be found within your Gmail account by clicking on the DRIVE icon. Once you open Google Drive for your Gmail account, you have the ability to create all kinds of documents, spreadsheets, and slides, which you can share with others, print and more. Google Docs is a great way to stay organized and share files and ideas with others in a collaborative spirit.