Website (Hosting/cPanel) Video Tutorials

Website Hosting Video Tutorials

Do you know what website hosting is? Well, you’re about to find out! In this series of video tutorials, you’ll learn what you need to know about website hosting, how to order it, what cPanel is, how to locate the cPanel so you can set up eMails and install WordPress and so much more. If you happen to have a VPS hosting package setup and you have WHM, I’ll share a few video tutorials on how to use that as well.

Learn How To Order Website Hosting VIDEO TUTORIALS
How DO you pick the right hosting package for your website? Who do I recommend and how do you order website hosting for your domain name? Well, here’s how all that’s done and more!


cPanel Video Tutorials

Once you order website hosting for your domain name, hopefully the website hosting company you choose provides you with cPanel access to manage your website hosting account. Trust me, be sure to ask if the website hosting company offers cPanel and not their own version of it. The cPanel area of your website hosting account is where you will install WordPress if you choose, create eMail accounts and eMail forwards, create/view MySQL databases, manage files and folders easily with File Manager, and so much more. Trust me, you’ll want to master these cPanel video tutorials if you host your website with a company that provides you access to cPanel. Hosting companies that don’t offer you “cPanel” might not offer you the best experience when it comes to hosting your website. Trust me on this one. Been there, done that.


Create These Emails & More Video Tutorials

Create These eMails & More VIDEO TUTORIALS
Once you setup your hosting account for the domain name you want to host, log into the cPanel for this domain to create any number of eMail accounts and eMail forwarders. This activity is so super easy once you see how it’s done. Then, once you know how to create these eMail accounts, anytime you move your website to another website hosting company in the future, you will know how to do it all over again thanks to these videos.


WHM (Web Host Manager) Video Tutorials

If you have a VPS (or higher) type hosting account, you might be given a WHM control interface. It’s with the WHM that you would create your different website hosting accounts that will then come with their own cPanels. So, if you have a VPS (or higher) package, you’ll want to check out these video tutorials. If you don’t, then the cPanel video tutorials above will suffice for you.