Watch For These Red Flags / Warning Signs When Working With Webmasters

How do you know if you’re having problems (or about to have problems) with a webmaster (or virtual assistant) you hired to help you with your website or other aspect of your business? Well, let’s see …

If a webmaster doesn’t return your eMail or phone call within three business days, that’s not a good sign. Time is money for both you and the person you are about to hire. If you’ve already hired the webmaster and he/she doesn’t return your calls or respond to emails on a timely basis AND you can’t work this issue out, get your files/money back if you can and move on. Your webmaster is not honoring the contract where a courtesy call could save the day.

The webmaster asks for and receives all the money up front for a project before the work even starts. Bad idea! It’s best to pay for work as it is completed.

They don’t deliver finished work on time. Are they overloaded with work? Then maybe you need to replace the webmaster with one that can do a better job managing your website design needs.

Excuses. Excuses for why the work isn’t done. Occasionally, a personal matter can interfere with the work getting done. Let the webmaster know that you expect to be informed when work is going to take a little longer to finish and/or the deadline may not be met on time. If you are determined to meet that deadline and it does not look as if your webmaster is going to come through for you, you may have to replace that person. These things happen. Terminate the webmaster and rehire someone you can count on.

They argue with you. That’s a red flag! Believe it or not webmasters that argue with you, do so because (1) they are insecure about the work they’re doing, so they try to overcompensate for their lack of experience with defensive arguments, (2) they don’t have money you paid them to return to you, so they get uptight about your request, or (3) you saw the work they did and you want to make a few changes and the response is, “No, why don’t you like site? To change that, will cost extra!”

They try to push services on you (too soon) that you don’t need. A good webmaster takes all projects in stride. Most webmasters have a pool of resources they can apply to any website project… but asking you to sign up for too many services up front, too fast, or for services you’ll probably never use is a bad idea. A webmaster should be able to explain and justify the reasons why you need an additional item(s) on your website.

These are just some of the red flags you might look for when having trouble working with a webmaster or other person you hired to help you with your business.

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