What Kind of Recording Software

What Kind of Recording Software Do You Need To Record Audio Products?

What kinds of audio recording software programs are there to use?

If you want to record your own high quality, studio-sounding audio products from home or office, you will need to get your hands on some audio recording software. Currently, there are two audio recording software programs I can recommend.


Sound Forge "Audio Studio" Recording Software

Sound Forge “Audio Studio” Recording Software
Avg. Price $60 or $3.95/mo. (avg.)


Sound Forge "Audio Studio" Recording Software

Audacity Recording/Editing Audio Software

With all the experience I’ve had recording audio over 20+ years, Sound Forge® Audio Studio (by Magix) is my personal choice when it comes to choosing an audio recording (and editing) software program to record (and edit) all the audio you want. I just find it the most easy to work with (in and out), priced affordably, and I have just found over the years I like using it the most! Use what you want to use, but I find Sound Forge® Audio Studio to be my favorite.

Sound Forge “Audio Studio” Recording Software

With Sound Forge® Audio Studio, you can record practically any length of audio, then save it in MP3, WAV, RAM, MPEG, WMA, RM (Real Audio), stereo-quality or mono-quality format quickly and easily! You can even convert audio from one format to another simply by saving it as another audio file format. (i.e., WAV to MP3 and visa versa) And, for the price? You can’t beat it! No other software comes close. Even the free recording programs don’t compare in overall functionality and performance.

Sound Forge® Audio Studio

Sound Forge® Audio Studio With Sound Forge® Audio Studio, you can edit, cut, paste and delete audio in real-time with ease. You hear the results immediately. Also, if you want to record music, edit and restore audio, create streaming media and burn songs to CD, Sound Forge® Audio Studio is all you need.

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