What Should A Fulfillment Company Be Able To Do For You & Your Business?

What Should A Fulfillment Company Be Able To Do For You & Your Business?

Depending on what you need stored, packed and mailed (to your customers) for you, the fulfillment company you choose to assist you in this area should be able to perform all of the following services:

Inventory / Store Product For You — The fulfillment company you choose should have reasonable rates when it comes to storing your product(s) at their facility. Typically, you’re looking at about $5-$50 per month fee for a pallet of product stored. Palette sizes vary depending on how much product you need to store. Inquire with the fulfillment company to see what size pallets they offer and the pricing associated with what you need to store.

Create Product — Before we ask them questions about fulfilling orders for us, let’s find out if they can actually create products! We’re talking about books, DVD duplication, audio CD duplication, assembling, workbook creation and other products. If the fulfillment company you choose can perform this step, you’re in a great position to save money keeping a lot of the process under one roof. The idea of creating product in one location and shipping it to your fulfillment company can cause delays especially if you get slammed with orders.

Receive & Process Orders — Okay, how does this process work? Can the fulfillment company receive order notices via eMail like you after someone buys through your website and fulfill the order without having to communicate with you (unless there’s a major issue). An excellent attribute with using InternetMarketingCart.com, is my shopping cart service integrates with a number of fulfillment service companies. They’re mentioned below.

Pick, Pack & Ship Orders — Once the fulfillment company receives your order, it’s time for them to “pick” the product off the product storage pallet, “pack” it in a box or padded envelope and “ship” it to the customer. How much is this service? That depends on the company you go through? Normally, it averages about $1.50 per item to be picked, packed and shipped. That price does not include shipping charges, of course. You pay the pick/pack fee, the customer pays the shipping fee, naturally!

Handling Returns — A full-service fulfillment company might also handle returns for you if a customer either requests a refund or the product just comes back in the mail due to insufficient mailing address or other criteria. That said, the fulfillment company may also put a return label on the package with your mailing address. This way, the returns DO come to you, for inventory control and evidence the merchandise was returned in order for you to issue any refunds.

Online Inventory Control Panel — A high-tech fulfillment company would also provide you with an online control panel that would allow you to login, manage your inventory, orders, monitor shipments, upload product files for duplication and printing and so much more!


Check out these fulfillment companies and CD/DVD fulfillment companies if you’d like to get someone else to do your fulfillment for you.

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