When Outsourcing Work, Review These Tips To Ensure You Make The Right Decision

When Outsourcing Work, Review These Tips To Ensure You Make The Right Decision

If you decide to contract out some of the tasks you need done, be aware of some of the specifications:

  1. Learn what needs to be done on your own, but hire an expert to do the job.
  2. Don’t presume that outsourcing is too expensive. It’s not.
  3. Short or long-term? One project or many future ones?
  4. Be clear on the skills and experience you need to perform a task.
  5. How embedded do you want the relationship to be?
  6. Say “no” to low bidders and fixed prices. This could be a trap.
  7. Match your technical ability on the supplier side and/or get a techie on board to navigate the style and language of what you need done.
  8. Don’t just go with the first offer. Shop around and compare.
  9. Don’t let cost make your decision. Look at other factors including experience, references and communication.
  10. Give a clear description of your project with someone you are considering for your job.
  11. Specify the due date in the title/subject line as well as in the body of your ad.
  12. Provide a brief overview of what needs to be done.
  13. Send each task or project in a different email or request. This keeps things easy to manage. Use the subject line to describe the task to be done.
  14. Be an active project manager. Stay on top of your business.
  15. Specify the maximum hours that can be worked and wages earned.
  16. Set expectations about how and when you anticipate reports or updates.
  17. Review a freelancer’s portfolio and samples of work carefully.
  18. Negotiate ownership of work and copyrights up front to ensure anything that is produced becomes your property upon payment.
  19. Make sure all final files and source codes are transferred to you so you can make future changes.
  20. Create separate usernames/passcodes for anyone who works for you.
  21. Establish procedures (up front) in terms of communication, project management, delivery and feedback.
  22. Establish/inquire about support after the project is complete.
  23. Get all specifications of the job in writing.
  24. Tie payment to clearly defined project milestones.
  25. Use escrow accounts and set up milestones in order to pay people.
  26. If you must communicate by phone, use Skype.com to call internationally (Skype-to-Skype) for FREE.
  27. Offer rewards and incentives for work performed ahead of schedule.
  28. Pay your outsourcing bills (on time). Freelancers will not work for you if they can’t expect to be paid on time.
  29. Negotiate costs when adding more projects to work originally assigned
  30. Quickly respond to messages you receive from contractors. If you don’t, they may put your project on the backburner and work on other projects delaying your eventual completion timeline.
  31. Conduct your business (as well as making payments) within the specific outsourcing website you’re going through, and take advantage of their built-in safeguards and payment protection tools.
  32. Form relationships among freelancers to build a team of poeple who can contact to perform different tasks when those needs arise. Outsourcing is a great way to scale your business to new heights.
  33. Provide positive feedback within the freelancing community. Do not share negative remarks about the quality of work except with that individual. Feedback is valuable; keep it constructive and recognize excellent performance.
  34. Create how-to documents or checklists for recurring tasks in your business so you can quickly hire and train someone to perform those tasks.

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