Where Are Your Sample Interviews on Video?

Do You Have Sample Interviews Of You On Video?

What are sample interviews on video?

These are simply videos with you in them giving real interviews or sample ones to help impress show hosts to interview you based on what they saw and heard in those video interviews that you made and posted on your website, in your media room, or on pages that benefit from you having a sample interview video on them.

These video interviews can last anywhere between 5-25 minutes or longer if you want. For the most part, the shorter, the better per se. For example, you might choose to film yourself answering 3-5 of the top most pressing questions you enjoy answering or your entire list of 10-20 questions found on your Interview Me page. It’s up to you. Some folks will watch the whole video for their own personal enjoyment or a  learning opportunity about what you do or have to say.

Why do you need sample interviews on video?

For a couple reasons. For starters, these sample interview videos can introduce you and expand on what you are promoting or the message you want to get across to people. For example, you might have a book you want to promote. Well, just don’t post some boring sales copy on your website to sell your book. Readers want to know the author.

Create a video trailer for the book itself and a video recording of you getting interviewed about your book. Give potential buyers of your product/service a real inside look into why you wrote/created the book, what you do and how folks can benefit from reading it. With you in the video, it has more power to convince and sell folks to buy your book vs. reading flat sales copy.

Another great reason to create a video with you being interviewed is to make it extremely fast and easy so show hosts will say, “Wow, I like how you answered those interview questions and you looked great on camera! I’m very excited to interview you, too. My audience is going to love you and what you have to say regarding the topics you cover so well.” Need I say more? Not really.

You see, many hosts are inundated with requests from people to get interviewed. To stand out among the competition,  provide a real life sample video of you being interviewed . Inspire hosts to choose you over hundreds of others because your video moved them!

What is an example of an interview video?

Below, you’ll find a few examples of video interviews I recorded on my own for prospective show hosts and interview decision makers to preview before contacting me with an invitation to be interviewed on their show. What’s more, anyone can watch these and learn about x-topic I interview on before making a buying decision. “Wow, I really liked how he answered those questions. I’m curious to see what else he covers in his book.” You get the idea.

Did you get any ideas for recording your own (sample) interviews on video? Take anything you saw in mine and implement those ideas in your interview video(s).

How do you go about creating these interviews on video?

To be honest, do this:

  1. Find a nice, clean area in your home/office to set up a clean and simple environment for filming with you on video for a few minutes.
  2. Setup some professional lights so you’re well-lit in your videos.
  3. Setup your phone on a tripod to film you. I’d link a lavalier microphone to your phone to enhance the quality of the audio being recorded in your video.
  4. Print out a list of questions in large print on a sheet of paper that you can keep by your side as a ready reference. “Okay, next question I’ll answer is …”
  5. OPTIONAL: Film each answer to x-question in a separate video on your phone. You’re going to piece them together later in one long video in post-production.
  6. ANOTHER OPTION: Go ahead and film one long video with you answering all your questions and then just cut/edit the video in post-production.
  7. Display a series of different emotions in your answers: seriousness, laughter, smiles, minimize hand waving, keep your posture sitting straight upright with shoulders back and head held upright, etc.
  8. When done, transfer all those videos off your phone to your computer for editing.
  9. Open up your editing program, import all the videos, place them on the timeline and piece them together.
  10. Insert a black space with white text, between each question you answer, displaying the question you are about to answer beforehand.
  11. Insert any other text in the intro/outro of your video, perhaps stating what the interview is about.
  12. DONE. Publish it, review it, make changes and then if you like it upload it to your website (where it belongs) and/or to video sharing websites.

In a nutshell, those are the steps to creating a simple video interview with you answering a few key questions. Once you make one of these videos, make a few more for other books you wrote, products/services you’d like people to know more about, etc.

Need help?

Let me know if you’d like my help talking with you about filming these interview videos or hiring me to actually film you giving the interview or just answering a few questions. We’d set up a phone call to discuss your interview questions, video filming setting, price, among other things. Just let me know!


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