Where Are Your Video Messages?

Where Are Your … Video Messages?

What are video messages?

Video messages are 3-5 minute videos that you record with your phone or a digital video camera where you talk pretty much about anything you want, such as:

  • Discuss material from your BOOK, WEBSITE, BLOG, COMPANY, PRODUCTS/SERVICES …
  • Comment on what’s going on IN THE MEDIA or NEWS or even the TIMES WE LIVE IN …
  • READ ANYTHING and COMMENT ON IT in a video message …
  • Create DAILY/WEEKLY QUOTES and MESSAGES to encourage people …

What is the purpose of having video messages?

To express yourself! That is, to reach out to the world; say what’s on your mind; speak to your fans, followers, clients, customers and prospects; voice your opinion; inspire your viewers; educate your viewers; and so much more.

What’s the difference between a video message, video trailer, and a video tour?

A video tour shows viewers around with the intent to guide them through an area of your website, for example. Video tours usually run between 1 and 10 minutes in length.

A video trailer is an introduction or explanation of something, usually with you in it (or not) and designed to introduce something and promote it for purchase such as a book, online course, etc. Video trailers usually run about 1-3 minutes in length.

A video message is a video recording of you talking about (or commenting on) any topic you want. Video messages are usually 3-5 minutes in length.

How do you make a video message?

Here’s how to make ONE, but don’t limit yourself! Take the following procedures and create 25-100 (or more) video messages for what it is you want to say, promote, showcase, do, etc., with video.

  1. Sit down and make a list of 25-100 (or more) message topics/titles/ideas you’d like to record video message for.
  2. Write a quick script and/or an introduction and some talking points to remind yourself of what you’ll say in your video message. “Hey there, (state your name) here. Today I’d like to talk about ….” or “(State your name) here. I want to share with you another section in my book that talks about …” or “Many of my students have asked me to comment on …” You get the idea.
  3. If you’re going to record any screen movements, such as moving your mouse around on your website, you’ll need screen capture software. For example, you can use Screencast-o-matic.com or Loom.com, which are among the least expensive screen capture software programs out there. Check ’em out. I use Camtasia from TechSmith, which is a little on the pricey side, but I bought it 10+ years ago. If it’s just you standing against a wall/backdrop or sitting in a chair, all you need are some bright lights, your phone (if it shoots nice HD-quality video) and a lavalier microphone to capture your voice nicely.
  4. You might animate your video messages with software like Doodly.com.
  5. Rehearse it a couple times and redo it a few times until it’s to your liking and perfect.
  6. Edit your video by putting a nice intro/outro in it, along with text call-outs and maybe some music (optional) playing lightly in the background.
  7. Publish your video to an MP4 video (format) for uploading to the many popular video sharing websites. If your MP4 file is HUGE, you can shrink it with Handbrake.
  8. Watch your video trailer for any mistakes; correct any mistakes you find and republish your video in MP4 format.
  9. Upload it to your website, Vimeo.com (if you have an account) and/or YouTube, as well as any social media accounts you want your video message to be seen on.
  10. Embed the Vimeo or YouTube video embed code into your website where you want it to go and VOILA!
  11. NOW YOU’VE GOT A VIDEO TOUR ON YOUR WEBSITE showing people around.

There you have it! That’s how you go about making a video message!

What are some sample video messages?

Below, you’ll find a few video messages I made for some of my books and other subjects. I wanted to give viewers a glimpse into why I wrote what I wrote and for what reason(s), etc. There’s nothing big about them, except the fact that they do the job! They bridge the mysterious cyber gap between me and my viewer. Video messages can also bond your viewers to you in a way that face-to-face discussions practically have. If they like what they see, they’ll want more … so? They don’t ask me!

Well, did you get any ideas for creating your own video messages? Take anything you saw in my videos and implement those ideas in your own video message(s).

Need Help?

Let me know if you’d like my help with your video message(s). Depending on the type of video messages you want, I’ll know how much and where I can assist you. Either way, feel free to send me a link to view your video messages. I’d love to see what you produce. I might get inspired by your ideas!


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