Where Can You Promote & Sell Your Audio Products?

You can sell your audio books, audio libraries and audio products practically everywhere you go! Just look at this list and start thinking how you can sell your audio … where ever you go!

  1. Online Audio Bookstores (i.e., ACX, Audible, Authors Republic.com, etc.)
  2. Offline/Online Bookstores
  3. Seminars & Expos
  4. Affiliates (Yours/Others)
  5. Tele-Seminars
  6. Classes & eClasses (Yours/Others)
  7. Workshops & Bootcamps
  8. In Print (Everywhere)
  9. JV Relationships (All Kinds)
  10. Expos & Trade Shows
  11. Networking Events
  12. On the Internet (Everywhere)
  13. Stores & Catalogs
  14. Organizations (All Kinds)
  15. Your Website (Catalog)
  16. Associations (All Kinds)
  17. JV with Other Experts
  18. Partnerships (All Kinds)
  19. Groups and Clubs
  20. Radio (Talk Shows)
  21. Companies (All Kinds)
  22. TV (Talk Shows)

Where else can you sell your audio that you can think of? Make note of it and make it happen. Sell your audio EVERYWHERE you can!

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