What's Your Potential? by Noa SchecterThis type of book could possibly be the fastest book you write. I’ll tell you why. I had a friend who expressed an interest in writing a third book. I helped her with her first one and co-wrote her second one, 51+ Networking Tactics. Well, I had an idea that I ran by her and she liked my suggestion, which was to write the kind of book she could give to potential clients of her coaching business.

This type of “self-assessment” book firstly included a personal assessment survey on the inside of her book. She then asked prospects to answer a few questions with brief yet informative answers. They then completed filling out the form per the instructions she outlined in her book: “Book your free 15-minute consultation with me at __:__ AM/PM on __/__/__. See you then!”

This works only if a potential client is willing to take the time to fill out the assessment form inside the book. Chances are, they’re highly motivated to provide the information because they are genuinely interested in having their struggles resolved by the author whom they’ve already met. Rarely, do readers ever get to interact with authors of books on a personal level.

An event like this could be well worth your time because many coaching and consulting packages start at $250 to $2,500 and higher. Would you be willing to hand out a copy of your book with a series of self-assessments in them to find your ideal client? Those who aren’t interested, decline. You can freely move on and fast. Those who are interested in your book and getting your help, take the time to start working with you quickly by filling in the self-assessment form whether they do it at the event or later when they have more time to think about it.

Now, what I did for my friend was to open up a Google document where I copied her front page material (i.e., copyright page, dedication page, message from the author, etc.) and then I pasted it in seconds into a book format so I could help her with the writing. I then came up with 10 key questions I knew she’d ask her clients based on a survey form she customized from one of my coaching client forms. I inserted some blank lines with the offer to upsell other content from her book. The book was ready for proofing within ONE HOUR! Seriously, I couldn’t believe it either. It was one of the fastest books I assembled for an author. She then carefully reviewed it, made her changes, and we were ready to send it off to the printer for a proof. This successful experience gave me the idea to write “really fast” books that could be useful as a marketing tool and a bonus for readers who want to know more about your business and how you can help them.

So, what do you do for a living? Are you a coach, consultant, freelancer or? What if you were to put together a book of questions inside your book for your potential prospects to fill in? What if that book cost you $2.50 on average to print and could potentially yield a client paying you $250 and more for what you offer? I’d say that’s a nice way to market your services. Spend $2.50 and get $250+? Naturally, in the front of your book you’d talk about what you can do for people, provide a few case studies or testimonials, provide all of your contact information on each page, and use the back cover as your billboard to provide more information about your products/services. Now you have time to think about your next book.

Again, when people see others carrying your book around at a networking event or sitting on someone’s desk, it can serve as a reminder for them to take action and start writing their “really fast book.”


Watch this video tour of what a book like this actually looks like.

Did you get any ideas from what you just saw? Make note of them and act on them NOW! No time like the present, eh?


Let me know if you’d like my help creating a self-assessment type book for your use in attracting new clients. Don’t hesitate to contact me, especially if you have questions.


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