Where Is Your FAQ Book?

Where Is Your F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) Book?

Was there ever a topic you had a lot of questions about but didn’t know where to find the answers? Sure, you could search online for what you want to learn, but what if there was a book dedicated to answering the top 20-100 questions of whatever it was you wanted to learn? You might buy that book/eBook, right? Besides, what are books for, but written pieces of work to help fulfill (answer) our curiosities about a given subject!

Well, allow me to introduce to you the F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) book. Not long ago, I was thinking about writing my next book, How To Prepare, Pitch & Become A TV Guest. What was funny about it was I struggled with how I was going to write it. The content I had in mind to write just didn’t fit well into your typical chapter/part/section laid out book. Having previously written 15 books, you’d think how to write my next one would come easy. Not so.

So, I thought about it for a few days, and then it HIT ME! I’ll just come up with 25+ questions people have about getting on TV and answer them in book format. I’ll toss in a bonus report on how to improve your interviewing skills and BAM … I’ve got a hot new book to promote and sell for extra income!

How To Prepare, Pitch & Become A TV Guest by Bart Smith

How To Prepare, Pitch & Become A TV Guest by Bart Smith

So, I did just that … I sat down and listed 25 of the most pressing questions someone might have and I answered them with plenty of detail. I actually wrote the book in one week. I then passed it around to some friends of mine in the TV/media business. They were floored (1) that I wrote it that fast, (2) the topics I covered were relevant. They never would have thought to cover them and I seemed to cover them all and with more content than they thought of, and (3) it opened up my eyes to a brand new way to write books. Everyone appreciates a F.A.Q. book and mine was a hit!

So, what do you know that you have people asking you about all the time; how do XYZ or 123? Make a list of those questions, answer them all with solid detail, add a front/back cover on it and you’ve got your first/next book. Yes, it’s just that easy.

An F.A.Q. book is the type of book you could easily write in 30 days if you put the time into it. Come up with a great cover, insert a nice Message From The Author up front, add your bio in the back along with some upsell pages in the back to promote what you sell, and to me that spells D.O.N.E. Print it!


Watch the video tour below to get a peek inside my F.A.Q. book. Get ideas for your own F.A.Q. book while you’re at it.

So, what do you think? What kind of ideas are coming to you now that you’ve seen what a good F.A.Q. books looks like? Make your notes and act on it. Open up a Microsoft Word or a Google Document and start writing away. Make your list of 10+ questions and you’re on your way to finishing your first/next book.


Let me know if you need my help. I’ll do whatever I can to help you create your own F.A.Q. book.


About Bart Smith

BART SMITH is the founder of MyTrainingCenter.com (MTC). He's also your instructor for all the courses you see at MTC. He's the author of 18+ books, records his own audio books, builds his own websites, films/edits his own videos for branding and marketing, conducts his own marketing activities, scores his own media interviews, ... and so much more. "I built MTC for you to share with you all I know about the subjects covered in the courses and tutorials I teach. My hope is that you learn so much that you get empowered, motivated, and you're able to take immediate action on your ideas and projects so you can literally do MORE on your own saving you time and money just like I do. Sure, you can hire others to help you at some point, but until then I don't want you stuck not knowing how to do certain things. As I say, the more you learn, the more you can potentially earn. Pretty simple." — Bart Smith, MTC Founder/Instructor


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