Where Is Your HOW-TO Book?

Where Is Your HOW-TO book?

The Ultimate Self-Publishing Manual by Bart SmithIf you know HOW TO do something really well, why not get paid to share that know-how with others in the form of a book, which can then be spun into different income streams? Great, I knew you’d like the idea! The reason why I say book, first, is because it’s from the book you write the script for your audio book (product), your online/offline course (product) and the option to consult others (service) and your expertise that appeals to prospective buyers of what you have to sell.

To give you an example, I’ve been writing books for 20+ years. So, it would seem natural at some point to take that knowledge and put it inside a book. I know, funny, writing a book on how to write a book. I’m just using this book as an example of taking something you’re knowledgeable about and profiting from it. You could write a book about parachuting, driving a race car, flying, fly fishing, sewing, … you name it!

So, it was October 2019 when I decided to write The Ultimate Self-Publishing Manual. I had been working on a table of contents for a few weeks when it was time to put fingers to the keyboard and start writing. Funny thing was, I designed the online course for the book first using that table of contents inside WordPress. I then put the book together for it afterwards.

Interesting, eh? The online course took me about 3 weeks to write, design, build, add images, make 30+ video tutorials, hook up each lesson (70+) to the membership software inside WordPress, etc. Once the course was done, I said to myself, “It’s time to slam this material into a paperback book.” So, I opened up Adobe InDesign and started putting the book together. From start to finish, it took me about a week and a half to write a 260-page manual (8.5″ x 11″) with over 100 images scattered throughout the book.

You too can easily take your passion, hobby, knowledge, education, experience, real life examples, what-to-do’s, what-NOT-to-do’s, avoid this ____, do this ____, your success, your failures, lessons learned and other aspects of your life and turn that knowledge into a how-to book.

Steps to writing your how-to book …

  1. Make a quick list of your hobbies, passion(s), knowledge, skills, experience, etc.
  2. Now prioritize those topics and what you wrote into a list where you can best identify which topic(s) will be:
    1. Best received by others …
    2. The most (or least) content to write for to fill up a minimum 30 pages (in your new book) …
    3. Fastest/easiest to write, as in, it won’t be too complicated to explain or put into a book …
  3. With your prioritized list in hand, start writing!

There, that was simple, right? Not too complex.

Writing your how-to book …

Here’s a quick look at a proposed book outline you might use to get the ball rolling. With that in place, open up a Google document (for example), and start writing for each section:

  • Message From The Author(Pen a letter to your reader. Why is this material going to be good for their business?)
  • Table Of Contents
    • PART 1: ___________ (You can use chapters or parts, up to you.)
    • PART 2: ___________
    • PART 3: ___________
    • PART 4: ___________
    • PART 5: ___________
    • PART 6: ___________
    • PART 7: ___________
  • Conclusion/Summary/Wrap-up
    • Your Bio
    • Recommended Resources (Optional)
    • (Anything you can think of …) (Optional)

For starters, that’s a pretty good outline to work with. Fill in the blanks, start writing (anything) and see how far you get in a week of effort. Once you start writing, at some point, take a break and read what you wrote. Then, expand upon it adding more content to what you wrote while rewriting some sentences and sections you think could be said better. Yes, you can add images to your book if you like. It just might enhance your overall book.

As I said in another special report here on MTC, writing is like building a sand castle. If you don’t have enough words, go get some more sand (words). Then, keep shaping your sand castle (i.e., words, sentences, paragraphs) and keep working at it until your book starts to really come alive. There maybe times it feels hard to write something. That’s okay. That’s the same feeling you get when you start working out after a long hiatus of not working out regularly. But, after a few hours, days, weeks, it all starts to flow out of you naturally.

My self-publishing book and course here at MTC …

If it helps you, check out my self-publishing book and online self-publishing course. They’re sure to get you so fired up and in-the-know about how to write a(ny) book. From start to finish, I walk you through each and every step. So, check ’em out. I know for me, I wouldn’t and couldn’t write a book without the knowledge I put into my self-publishing book/course.

Learn How To Write, Design, Publish, Print & Sell Your Book/eBook For Fun & Profit

The Ultimate Self-Publishing Manual by Bart SmithNeed help with your book?

Let me know if you’d like my help writing your how-to book, anytime, and availability permitting, of course. Still, I’ve helped many clients with their books. We’d have an initial phone call to work out a plan for writing and creating.

Perhaps, you might just need some coaching on the book idea itself and then you could write the book on your own time. You might sendyour written work back to me to put in book format, get it edited, and design your front/back book covers. BAM, your how-to book is born!

So, let me know if I can help you in this area. I’d be glad to see what I can do for you.


About Bart Smith

BART SMITH is the founder of MyTrainingCenter.com (MTC). He's also your instructor for all the courses you see at MTC. He's the author of 18+ books, records his own audio books, builds his own websites, films/edits his own videos for branding and marketing, conducts his own marketing activities, scores his own media interviews, ... and so much more. "I built MTC for you to share with you all I know about the subjects covered in the courses and tutorials I teach. My hope is that you learn so much that you get empowered, motivated, and you're able to take immediate action on your ideas and projects so you can literally do MORE on your own saving you time and money just like I do. Sure, you can hire others to help you at some point, but until then I don't want you stuck not knowing how to do certain things. As I say, the more you learn, the more you can potentially earn. Pretty simple." — Bart Smith, MTC Founder/Instructor


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