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Rich Coach ♦ Broke CoachRICH COACH ♦ BROKE COACH is perfect for anyone aspiring to become a coach, for current and seasoned coaches, as well teachers, trainers, authors, speakers, consultants, therapists, healers, counselors, psychologists, creatives, artists, and anyone else who wants to turn their passion and profession into a money-making coaching enterprise helping others succeed in life and/or in their business.

About Bart Smith

Bart Smith is the author of several books, professional marketer and self-publishing consultant, a personal coach, and a dynamite, motivational speaker. A self-starting, life-affirming, renaissance man, Bart is an entrepreneur at heart, who also bakes the world's best chocolate chip cookies at BartsCookies.com. He shares his insights, skills, training and knowledge here, on his training website, MyTrainingCenter.com, and helps people make money online with his online marketing shopping cart software, MyMarketingCart.com.

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