Why Are Royalties So Low When Selling Your Books Through CreateSpace?

Many people ask why do your book royalties earned through CreateSpace for book sales on Amazon and Expanded Distribution retail outlets online seem so low? This video tries to explain the reason.

The main reason? All bookstores (online and offline) will discount your suggested retail price to a lower price (almost by 50%) to attract buyers. Bookstores compete with thousands of retails across the globe. How do they sell books on their site? By discounting the retail price. What’s that mean? Watch the video to find out!

How Much Money Do You Make In Royalties Publishing Through CreateSpace.com?

Of course, you don’t need to have an account with CreateSpace.com to sell your books on Amazon.com. You could sell your books on Amazon.com through their Advantage for Books program. All you need to enroll in Advantage is North American distribution rights for your books, scannable barcodes with the ISBN or EAN on the back cover, and online access to manage your account. Advantage is nonexclusive and only $29.95 per year plus a 55% standard commission on the sale of your items. Check their website for current pricing and other rules and regulations.

What’s the difference? Is it worth selling your books through Amazon’s Advantage for Books program? If you don’t mind managing the inventory for your account with Amazon, and shipping books to their wharehouse when need, you might go with Amazon’s Advantage for Books program. For example, their initial inventory request (from you) is as little as two units (i.e., books in stock) and they keep just enough quantity in stock to fill anticipated customer orders. They continually adjust the number of copies they’ll order from you based on the recent sales performance of your titles. OTHERWISE, let CreateSpace.com manage, respond and fulfill any orders, in any quantity and you sit back and just collect your royalty.


To find out how much you could earn by publishing your book through CreateSpace.com, simply click on the button below to do your own royalty calculations:


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