Why Should You Hire A Fulfillment Company?

Why Should You Use A Fulfillment Company?

When you need help fulfilling physical product orders, including printing, product inventory/storage, picking and packing, shipping and other fulfillment services, I have three words for you: “SAVE YOUR TIME!”

You Don’t Have “THE TIME” — How much is your time worth? $10 per hour or $100+ per hour? Your time is better spent selling, not packing and making runs to the post office. The more successful you become, the more you need to automate this sector of your business, and hire a fulfillment company to perform tasks which you aren’t paid (enough) to perform.

You Don’t Have “THE SPACE” — How many books (or other physical product) do you want to sell? Let’s do the math? 20 per month? 200? 2,000? The more money you want to make selling your products is equal to the increasing number of sales you have to make. That means, the more product you have to sell, the more you have to keep on hand in inventory for fast processing to the customer. Guess what? The more you sell, the sooner you’ll realize you don’t have enough storage space in your house, apartment, condo, town home, closet, spare bedroom, attic, garage … you name it. Think big. Dream big. Hire a fulfillment company to store (large quantities) of your product for you, so you don’t have to. It’s cheap too. Inquire for rates.

You Don’t Have “THE SUPPLIES “ — Do you know how many envelopes and tape dispensers you will have to go through in order to fulfill over 1,000 orders per month? Its’ a lot, trust me. Do you want to keep running down to the store when you run out of packing tape, packing peanuts, bubble wrap or envelopes? I know I don’t. That’s NOT the business I want to be in.

You Don’t Have “THE AUTOMATION” — Shipping is a big business and one that must be automated with machines, computers, custom software, etc. When you’re busy running your own business and making sales, it’s a huge mistake to think you have the “automated systems” in place to handle the kind of sales and fulfillment volume you plan on generated with all your marketing and promotional efforts.

You Don’t Have “HELP” — Have you ever tried to pack and ship 20 books in your home/office? How about 100? Fulfillment companies come with help; a paid staff of professionals in what they do that can perform tasks for you related to shipping that you don’t want to mess with.

What’s left? For sure, there are other facts related to why you should hire a fulfillment company to help you store, pack and ship your products for you.


Check out these fulfillment companies and CD/DVD fulfillment companies if you’d like to get someone else to do your fulfillment for you.

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